Monday, June 6, 2011

"Tattoo of You" by Iron Cowboy (Country Artist from Pennsylvania)

Iron Cowboy knows how to spin out superb Country music flavored with Southern Rock and that's just what you will hear on their latest CD, "Tattoo of You." This group has all the right moves and grooves as their songs are well performed and dynamically produced. The title track, "Tattoo of You," is great Southern Rock at its best as the vocals are strong and solid while the instrumentation has an edgy Rock attitude. The song, "Please Believe Me," has an easy listening feel as the charming vocals sing the emotive lyrics with a sweet tonality. "Which Girl Tonight?," is a fun song with a bouncy beat and has entertaining lyrics that are sung with charismatic style. Fans who like fresh and original Country Rock music will really appreciate the well crafted songs on the excellent album, "Tattoo of You."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Destitute NJ and their excellent CD, "PSYCHADELICGARAGE-BOOGIEWOOGIE-MAMBOSAMBABLUES," dish out a powerhouse of garage Rock music. These well crafted songs are jam packed with a fury of energetic energy. Kicking off the album, "The Last…" is a track that burns with searing guitar riffs, tight vocals, and solid hitting drum beats. Another song, "Poison," takes the tempo down a notch to an edgy rocking Blues tune and has an "in your face" attitude. "White Trash" and "Moment of Weakness" are bursting with blistering guitars as the bellowing vocals sings with gripping passion. If you like music that is brimming with maximum garage Rock ferocity, then you will really enjoy the album, "PSYCHADELICGARAGE-BOOGIEWOOGIE-MAMBOSAMBABLUES."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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