Monday, March 30, 2009

"Lunatic Binge" by Crimson Faced (Hard Rock Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

If Trent Reznor and Scott Weiland ever decided to make an album together, the result would most likely sound something like "Lunatic Binge" the recently released CD by Crimson Faced. Although there are some obvious underlying classic rock tones, the album above all sounds more like a NIN record. The opening track alone, "Pretty People," screams of that genre and pretty much set up the theme of the entire record. Mike E.T. The Alien (yes- that is his name) delivers Stone Temple Pilot style vocals throughout the disc, as you can hear on "Lost Innocense." Even the guitars have that DeLeo brothers tone to them. If you own STP's "Purple" record, then you will surely want to hear "Lunatic Binge."

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"2D Tune" by 2D Tune (Electronica Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

Attention all electronica fans! Get yourselves ready for 70 minutes of pulsating trance music with the self titled CD "2D Tune" by 2D Tune. From the opening synth chords and raging drum beats of "Arise," any fan of this genre knows they are in for a treat. The mixture of pulse, electronic, and chill music makes for some interesting themes. It is also great to hear various vocal cuts splayed throughout different tracks, as heard on "Pain Reliever." There is also a very mysterious setting going on in "King of Kings," but don't be afraid to listen to that one alone in the dark. "2D Tune" is a very well written record and can be enjoyed by music lovers who would not normally buy a trance CD.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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Friday, March 20, 2009

"Morning Grooves" by Alessandro Bottura (Jazz Artist from Italy)

Jaco Pastorius would be proud to hear the bass chops of jazz artist Alessandro Bottura. His latest record, "Morning Grooves" is a smooth fusion of rock, jazz, and pop instrumentals all rolled into one amazing sound. Bottura's bass playing speaks for itself and is immediately evident right from the opening track, "Out of Sight." His jazz fueled bass runs fly up and down the neck and are nicely driven by some outstanding guitar/drum work. Bottura changes gears a bit and slow things down on "Sweet Tears," which also highlights his staccato playing skills. Any fan of Jaco Pastorius or of virtuoso bass playing will love this album, plus the band behind Bottura is just as exceptional as he.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"Brother HijinX" by Brother HijinX (Rock Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

Serving up what they call Atmo-Dub-Funk, Brother HijinX delivers that and much more with their latest CD "Brother HijinX." Their self-titled disc is filled with sounds very familiar to that of 311 and other bands of that genre. The vocal styling of Anthony Robustelli is reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis (same first name says it all.) Highlights of his vocal tracks can be heard on "Chrome" and "Available." There is also some cool, funky guitar work by John Caban on "Available" as well. One of the great things about this disc is the wide number of top session musicians who played on it. With bassists/drummers who played for Govt. Mule, Black Crowes, Rufus Wainright, and Billy Cobham, how can you be let down? All reggae/rock fans will enjoy this record not only for its songwriting, but also for the amazing musicianship that is featured.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"Mother Earth and Father Time" by Trance Fury (Electronica Artist from North Carolina(NC))

Get ready to hit the clubs when you hear "Mother Earth and Father Time" a recently released CD by Trance Fury. The pulsating rhythms and key synth melodies will no doubt put you in your Friday night dance mood. "Mother Earth" and "Painted Desert" are the selections that really get you moving, as they both feature some great beats and tranced-out bass hits. This album stands alone in the trance genre though as Trance Fury gives listeners a taste of some easy listening style numbers-that is if you can even call a trance CD easy listening. Songs like "Your Savior is Coming" and "Carolina Shore" are pulled way back on the tempo scale and also feature some saturated guitar tones. Although "Mother Earth and Father Time" isn't your average 70 minutes of raving trance CD, it is a great disc and will be loved by any fan of the genre.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"Arcadia - A Return To Distant Lands" by Rick Devin (Electronica/Ambient Artist from Brazil)

Combining ambient, instrumental, lounge, and world music seems like a lot, but Rick Devin doesn't seem to think so. His latest collection of alluring instrumentals on, "Arcadia – A Return To Distant Lands" is a wonderful compilation of mood setting music. There are a vast number of musical influences on this disc, ranging from African world to rock and roll. One highlight is the song "Alpheus River," which sounds as if could have been penned by none other than Carlos Santana with is stinging guitar licks. Another great feature on this disc is the use of several types of instruments, just give "Karma" a few spins and you'll hear an assortment of ethnic sounds. There is also a bit of Spanish flare in the title track "Arcadia," featuring more exotic guitar work. "Arcadia– A Return To Distant Lands" is a great addition to the collection of any fan who enjoys ideal ambient instrumental music.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"God, Love & Mexico" by Game Six (Country Artist from Washington (WA))

The musical duo, Game Six, mixes country music with spiritual themes, tropical, folk, rock, Latin, and jazz sounds on "God, Love & Mexico." Their sound is primarily country, but the choices of instrumentation really throws each song in a different direction. For instance, "Shamrock Bar" has the classic pedal steel sound which is very much associated with country, but it is played more in a Hawaiian/Slack key form with a tropical drum groove underneath. "Bahia de Banderas" is also another unique track that features some eclectic Mexican sounds with a sweet brass section and the occasional Spanish sung vocals. "God, Love & Mexico" is a great CD for any Jimmy Buffet fan as it mixes country with tropical themes throughout.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I Wanna Dream" by Warped Angel (Electronica Artist from Las Vegas, Nevada (NV))

From the city that brought us Wayne Newton and The Killers, Las Vegas' own Warped Angel are back with their newest disc "I Wanna Dream." The band is comprised of singer/songwriter Lisa Chambliss and musician/songwriter Chris Chimo. Together, they have created an album filled with industrial and electro angst. Don't take that last sentence lightly, Chambliss' voice is chocked full of emotion and drive. "We use the power of emotion to write the lyrics and compose the music," says Chambliss and that can easily be heard on the title track "I Wanna Dream." There are also some hints of Nine Inch Nails hardcore tones scattered about this disc. Just listen to songs like "Distance" and "My War" as they ooze that NIN sound. If you are into that Euro/Industrial rock sound, than Warped Angel is a safe bet.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"Experienced Zydeco Riders" by E.Z. Riders (Rock Artist from New York (NY))

The blues/rock band, E.Z. Riders, have released a throwback to the days of Humble Pie with their latest effort, "Experienced Zydeco Riders." Their roots are obvious, with raging Steve Marriott guitar riffs and gritty vocal tones reminiscent of early ZZ Top. "Witchy Woman" is by far the best track on the CD and is not an Eagles cover. Instead, it is an E.Z. Riders blues jaunt, filled with Lynyrd Skynyrd style slide guitar playing. That is really what this band and this disc are all about; strong and rocking guitars. If you crave more string bending guitar action, give a listen to songs like "I Should Have Quit You" and "Mean Mistreater" and you will get your fill. "Experienced Zydeco Riders" belongs in the hands of any 70's blues/rock fan.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"Inside the Helix" by Mystic & Miranda (Soul/Urban Artist from New York (NY))

R&B gets an upbeat facelift with the fresh sounds of Mystic & Miranda. The duo's latest album, "Inside the Helix," sounds like what Toni Braxton would if she threw in some hip-hop. The hip-hop style is actually the coolest thing about Mystic & Miranda, as what could be just another female fronted R&B disc, is danceable and grooving at the same time. "Crying Game" features some of their finest vocal performances on the album. Together, they complement one another's voices quite well without overstepping each other. The musicality is also a treat as listeners get some good chunks of hip-hop beats and melodies on songs like "Fallin' (Heart is Callin')" and "Just Another Day." Any true hip-hop fan will love "Inside the Helix" as will the old school Janet Jackson lover.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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"On the Keys" by Criss Starr (Jazz Artist from Minnesota(MN))

From the opening notes of the track "Ribbon in the Sky," you are instantly hooked in the musical mind of Criss Starr. His latest three-song EP, "On the Keys," is a wonderful compilation of smooth jazz numbers. Releasing the EP may prove to be a smart idea, as many jazz fans will be left with wanting to hear much more from Starr. Just give a listen to the atmospheric track "Break it Down," and you'll be sad there isn't a fourth, fifth or tenth track to listen to. Starr also gives a nod to his Minneapolis native influence Prince, on "Raspberry Beret." It is very clear that Prince has had a large effect on Starr's approach to songwriting, as his music is well flavored with R&B sounds. If you like smooth jazz and deep bass playing, then you have to own a copy of "On the Keys."

Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Anything But Love" by Brooksie Wells (Rock/Pop Artist from New York (NY))

Female vocalist/songwriter Brooksie Wells serves up some well-written pop/rock with a touch of blues on her latest album, titled "Anything But Love." Wells' vocals glide through each track with style and grace while delivering crisp and clean clarity. Wells has a talent for writing, as her lyrics are well-composed with meaningful content. Be sure to take note of the dynamic balance between vocals and instruments giving this album a high-quality sound. Look no further for that old school guitar sound on tunes such as "Talk to You" or "Loose End." Feel the bluesy tones of the harmonica on "High Road" while the background vocals balance out this catchy little tune. Fans of Bonnie Raitt or Dixie Chicks won't be disappointed when hearing Brooksie Wells' "Anything But Love," full of pop blended with blues.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Dear Dad Tango" by Soznak (World/Urban Artist from England)

Soznak, a group comprised of multi-ethnic musicians, has released a charming collection of music filled with originality on their latest album "Dear Dad Tango." This group offers a wide assortment of musical instruments ranging from accordion to African drums. The chemistry between the musicians is felt throughout this disc with their high-spirited energy. Feel the horn section on "Tata Y Mama" as the rhythm is bouncy with harmonious lyrics. "Cooking in the Kitchen" is a formula for good music and food while the vocals and wind section take this number up a notch. The title track "Dear Dad Tango" features lyrics that are strong and emotional, while simultaneously describing sentimental values of the loss of a loved one. For listeners who would like to hear a mixture of different types of instruments infused with catchy beats, Soznak's "Dear Dad Tango" is well worth listening to and should definitely be checked out.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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