Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Trust Proverbs 3:5" by Franceilia McDonald (Spiritual Artist from Alaska (AK))

"Trust Proverbs 3:5" is a collection of spiritual contemporary music by Franceilia McDonald. As a solo vocalist on this album, McDonald projects emotional vocal tonality with sincere devotion to her beliefs. Her well-written lyrics are thoughtful with comforting words of faith, hope, and peace. Percussive Latin beats on "Consuming Fire" complement the vocals with an upbeat rhythm, which is filled with solid bass and strings. Balancing a slower tempo with a passionate piano accompaniment and a trace of strings is "Lord You Are Awesome," which presents an ambiance of peace and happiness. Listeners will immediately notice the clean production of the album, as vocals are never overpowered by the accompanying instruments. "Trust Proverbs 3:5" is an uplifting religious album by inspirational vocalist Franceilia McDonald and is well-worth listening to.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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"No Refunds" by Hooper & Beckwith (Country Artist from Boston, Massachusetts (MA))

"No Refunds" by Hooper & Beckwith succeeds in displaying a dynamic blend between country, folk, and rugged blues. With impressive instrumentation and cut through vocal harmonies, this album gives listeners that true country/folk vibe. "It's the Whiskey That Eases the Pain" is the perfect example of the smooth, easy listening harmonies of Don Hooper and Steve Beckwith. But not only do Hooper and Beckwith bring listeners that appreciable vocal duo, but they also incorporate their well-played rack harmonica which complements the finger picking guitar on songs like "Ain't No Storm" and "It Ain't the Crime but the Cover-up." Their memorable lyrics and blend of instrumentation will keep listeners' attention throughout all 14 well-written tracks. "No Refunds" is well worth the listen for any true country/folk fan, and will leave listeners with a positive feel for this well-constructed album.

-Eric and The Reviewer Team
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"Cadillac Rhythm" by Son Lewis (Blues Artist from New York (NY))

Releasing his newest album titled "Cadillac Rhythm," Son Lewis has added another great collection of blues to his list of works. Lewis has created a refreshing approach to the many styles of blues with his own unique style of crisp guitar licks and soulful vocals. His energy and enthusiasm is heard throughout the entire album. The instruments are very supportive, as they accompany the vocals with flavorful riffs and solid chord progressions. "Old Blues Song" has classic troublesome lyrics, giving this tune a melody sung in true blues style. Taking the blues down south, "Nanny Goat Hill" is pure country blues, featuring some skilled glass slide usage on guitar. Fans of Muddy Waters or John Hammond will want to listen to "Cadillac Rhythm," as it is steeped with enjoyable and well-produced blues songs.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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"We Are Honestmen" by Stanley Durbin (R&B/Soul Artist from Maryland (MD))

If you are in the mood for some smooth and silky R&B then "We Are Honestmen" by Stanley Durbin should be finding its way into your music collection very soon. Durbin's influences of jazz, reggae and R&B combine together for a very soulful listen. The track "How Are You" has a great Lionel Richie feel in the vocal tonality and a very smooth beat keeping the groove. If you want to hear Durbin's reggae influence look no further than "We Are Honestmen" a song written about an everyday man trying to make it in the world. Durbin's latest CD "We Are Honestmen" is a great addition for any R&B fan as it is filled with ideal mood music for any relaxing occasion.

-Shaun and The Reviewer Team
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"From The Heart" by Valerie Nicole (Pop Artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA))

Talented young singer/songwriter Valerie Nicole is off to a great start with her newest CD "From The Heart." Her eclectic influences of both past and present musicians such as Tom Petty to Fiona Apple have helped Nicole develop a great knack for songwriting. The song "Meant To Be" could easily give competition to any Sara Bareilles song on the radio charts today. This track features some nice upbeat and flavorful chord progressions and shows the multi-talented side of Nicole as she performs vocals, guitar and keys. "Demons" is a very deep track filled with string arrangements painting a vivid and dark tonal color. Fans of Sara Bareilles or Fiona Apple will want this CD in their collection as it is filled with a nice mix of songs.

-Shaun and The Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Check out Zupe & Nichols, one of RadioIndy's favorite Jazz artists

View Zupe & Nichols Image



Band Name: Zupe & Nichols
Band Location: Pennsylvania
Sounds Like: Jeff Beck meets Joe Zawinul meets Max Weinberg
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Glacier Garden, one of RadioIndy's favorite Rock artists

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Band Name: Glacier Garden
Band Location: New York New York City
Sounds Like: Pink Floyd, U2, Muse
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Ryan Engelbrecht, one of RadioIndy's favorite Easy Listening artists

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Band Name: Ryan Engelbrecht
Band Location: New York
Sounds Like: Josh Groban, Il Divo
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Geoffrey Welchman, one of RadioIndy's favorite Acoustic artists

View Geoffrey Welchman Image



Band Name: Geoffrey Welchman
Band Location: Maryland
Sounds Like:
Visit Band's Website: click here

Check out Billy Winn, one of RadioIndy's favorite Country artists

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Band Name: billy winn
Band Location: Maine
Sounds Like: The Eagles on crack maybe
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The Salt Reaper - Selected Poems From the Flats" by Lasana M. Sekou (Spoken Word Artist from The Netherlands)

Discover the brilliant poems of accomplished poet Lasana M. Sekou whose outstanding album, "The Salt Reaper - Selected Poems From the Flats," is brimming with poetry cascading around music in motion. Sekou's knowledge is unsurpassed as words of world wisdom flow through his gifted mind. His pitch and intonations are strong and emotional while blending with the variations in musical style. This diversity of musical styles captures the relaxed orchestrated production and flows from piece to piece. Feel the slow jazz on "Weekend Dose" or reflect on the poetry as the classical guitar splashed with Latin inspirations plays on "Home Again" and "El Malecon." Lasana M Sekou's "The Salt Reaper - Selected Poems From the Flats" is not just any album of poems; it is a collection of insightful poetry with musical ambiance that will be enjoyed by poetry fans and Mos Def fans alike.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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"Aisha" by Aisha (Pop Artist from England)

Young and highly talented solo female artist Aisha releases her self-titled debut EP featuring soft acoustic pop music with artistic compositions. This gifted musician/songwriter showcases her vocal talents with sweet and delicate flair. Her articulation is polished and mature with lyrics that are pure and genuine. "Part of Me" exhibits great vocal range and the great control she has of her voice. "Shine" as an acoustic version is dreamy and gentle with strings and piano gracefully introducing the song. The radio mix of "Shine" showcases a bright and crisp piano and builds to a full band arrangement with an upbeat tempo. The CD features crystal clear production, as each instrument is well mixed with clean clarity that captures the essence of this style of music. "Aisha" features a wonderful collection of songs while introducing a gifted artist and is a CD well worth hearing.

-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

"The Wish" by Daniel Gauthier (Rock Artist from Canada)

Daniel Gauthier has recently released his latest creation "The Wish," compiled with original classic/progressive rock music. As an artist, Gauthier displays his creativity with beautiful multi-layered compositions filled with melody, rhythm, and harmony. Quality production is seen through how each instrument is harmonious to each other. In the title track "The Wish (Part I)" displays strong and powerful guitar passages while the bass has a steady, catchy riff. "The Clock" exhibits cool synth sounds with mysterious ambiance and tonality. With a sort of outer space feel to it, "Once in Time" features vocals that are soft and soothing with mood-altering lyrics. If you like Pink Floyd or Yes, don't miss the chance to hear "The Wish" by Daniel Gauthier.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"All To You" by Stanley Porter (Spiritual Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

"All To You," is the third album from urban gospel artist Stanley Porter. This release highlights his unique blend of gospel, soul, hip-hop, and R&B. Creating a spiritual experience is the theme of this album, and Porter delivers. Porter combines electrifying, danceable beats with heavy synthesizers and sincere, passionate vocals. He delivers a diverse collection of songs with spiritual, glorifying lyrics unique to his incredibly personal style and to the genre as well. The production is ambient and rich, sounding very professional throughout. Great vocal harmonies and layering is a trademark of Porter's sound. The inspirational anthem "Pray" and the silky "Everything" are perfect examples of this. Also listen to the expressive vocals on the moving "Speak" and the soulful "Righteous." Porter gives us a taste of his style of hip-hop with the uplifting track "Press," where he combines an aggressive groove with his distinctive, storytelling rhymes. Porter has produced an impressive collection of spiritually progressive songs with "All To You," which has a lot to offer for fans of contemporary gospel and Urban/ R&B alike.

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"Memories Of You" by Simavi (Pop Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

"Memories Of You" is a noteworthy release by the male vocalist known as Simavi. Simavi gives us a look at the past and into the future, putting his spin on both the classic and contemporary. He breathes freshness into jazz standards, keeping the beauty and integrity of the original, yet making them his own by infusing his style, personality, and flair into each track. Simavi also self-produced the album, further highlighting his personal stamp on this collection. From the lush string arrangements of "Moonlight in Vermont" and "Love Looks So Well On You" to the swinging renditions of "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Fly Me To The Moon," Simavi is comfortable and at home in each setting. He is backed by an incredible orchestra of talented musicians featuring brilliant soloists, swinging horn sections, and well-crafted arrangements. His versatility is also on full display as he moves seamlessly through the Brazilian number "The Girl From Ipanema" and the more contemporary style of "To the Ends of the Earth." He also adds his sincere, heartfelt vocal style to the touching ballads "I Wish You Love" and "Memories of You." Simavi's "Memories Of You" will be enjoyed by fans of adult contemporary male vocalists and/or big band music.

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"Every Smith Ever" by Every Smith Ever (Rock Artist from Maine(ME))

"Every Smith Ever" is the self-titled release from the group composed of vocalist/guitarist Chris Moulton and the beatmaker/producer known as Elsworth. This duo delves into many styles and textures with their highly experimental blend of soul, rock and hip hop. "I Would and We Did" is a strong opener, playing to the strengths of each member of the duo. Moulton's vocals soar and are delivered with emotion. The inventive programming of Elsworth is also on full display with an intricate, shuffling groove providing the pulse. "Kansas" is a raw, funky track with a heavy backbeat over densely layered vocals and a sparse piano motif. "What!" and "Scaring Grampy" feature a hypnotic, slow groove coupled with daunting, melodic vocals. "The Ballad of Dead Young Men" is a stylish, melodic track that features march-like sections and well-delivered vocal harmonies. The unnerving "Confession Breath" is of a more experimental nature, with Elsworth bending pitches and a chilling vocal performance by Moulton. The self-titled "Every Smith Ever" delivers soul, rock, and hip hop with an experimental character, spanning the range of moods, textures, and feels of their sound.

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"Soul Revolution" by Michael McHenry (Rock Artist from Maryland(MD))

Heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Sly & The Family Stone, Michael McHenry honors the past and creates something new with "Soul Revolution." A gifted guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, McHenry provides a collection of songs that are fierce, beautiful, and overflowing with emotion. "The Meaning" is a moving piece full of flaming guitar licks and soulful vocals. The extremely funky "Lah" showcases McHenry's talents on the bass as well as the guitar, along with an introduction from his eight year old daughter. McHenry shares his straight-forward social views with the intellectual "End Of The World" and displays his vast vocal range with the spirited "Good Fortune." The Latin groove of "Devi's Dance" offers a change of pace, while McHenry's signature guitar style remains prevalent. "Mr. Magoo's Blues" is an emotional closer, highlighting McHenry's captivating vocal style and his deep, expressive guitar lines. "Soul Revolution" is an impressive soul and funk rock release that will be enjoyed by fans of Jimi Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone, and Parliament-Funkadelic.

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"New Beginning...About Time" by Dola (Spiritual Artist from Maryland(MD))

"New Beginning... About Time" is a well-crafted contemporary gospel album brought to you by the talented singer Dola. Her vocal style can be described as operatic with hints of traditional African. The sounds skillfully arranged behind her are a combination of gospel, R&B, and jazz. The entire package makes for a truly unique experience and a very full and complete sound. There are many layers in each song, and everything seems to fall right into place. The album also sounds great and is ready for the radio. The album opener "New Song" kicks things off with a bang, introducing the full spectrum of the sound. The title track "New Beginning" features a wicked guitar intro and reels you right in with catchy lyrics and a powerful message. "Baba Ogo Ye O" hits you with a very accomplished jazz arrangement, then breaks down to allow a soft and sultry vocal performance by Dola. If you enjoy well-crafted gospel albums that fuse styles headed by diva quality vocals, you will certainly enjoy "New Beginning… About Time."

-William & the RadioIndy Review Team
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"The Way of the Door" by Chris Eberlein (Electronic Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

"The Way of the Door" is the impressive electronica pop debut from do-it-yourself artist Chris Eberlein. With this album, Eberlein lays down exciting, danceable beats with heavy synthesizers and combines them with great storytelling lyrics unique to the genre, marginally comparable to the approach of LCD Soundsystem. Eberlein's songs are meant to be taken seriously and convey emotions, while the arrangements are strictly upbeat and make you want to move. Eberlein's vocals are poppy and with a great range, similar to that of Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5, and the entire album features great vocal layering on Eberlein's behalf. "The Way of the Door" is self-recorded and self-produced by Eberlein, highlighting his do-it-yourself mentality, but it sounds great and ready for extended club play. "Love-Inflicted" is Eberlein's first single, a synth trance-pop tune with lots of ambience, a hot beat, great vocal layering, and lyrics about a one-sided relationship. "Love is a Game" is a great dance track with upbeat synthesizers and a danceable beat, as Eberlein sings about how "love is a game I'll play no more," and, instead, he'd prefer just going out and having a good time. Overall, "The Way of the Door" is a fantastic debut with a lot to offer for those who like to dance, those more lyrically minded, and those fortunate enough to highly enjoy both. Fans of electronica and upbeat vocals are going to want to pick up "The Way of the Door."

-Chris & the Review Team
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"Club Hop" by Smooth4lyfe (Rap Artist from Maryland(MD))

Smooth4Lyfe has created a new album, "Club Hop," filled with original artistic arrangements of Hip Hop and club mixes. Each song on this album is filled with bounce and enthusiasm. The first track, "Hip Hop Intro," kicks off the album with stylish rapping lyrics that are clean, and also supports a positive and fashionable content. Production is high quality as the entire album features driving drum beats cascading with the pulsating bass lines. There is a smooth transition into the second half of the album with the bump and grind mix of "Club Intro." Strong and powerful higher-pitched background vocals really add an edge to the funky track "This Feeling," as the rhythm bounces to the house beat and the synth strings swell with a looped effect. "Rise of the Bees" keeps the rhythm pumping with the incorporation of electronic effects that brings a nice flavor to this style of club music. Smooth4Lyfe's latest album "Club Hop" is an energetic one, filled with Hip Hop and party music that will have listeners dancing the night away.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Paper Freaks" by DubSound Distortion (Rock Artist from New Jersey(NJ))

"Paper Freaks" is the new album by DubSound Distortion, who has creatively produced a new and invigorating funky R&B and sometimes experimental collection of original songs. The vocals have a nice range of style, as they can be sung as being funky, sweet and soft spoken, or as rhyming rap. This album has a dominant bass line throughout each track, which is a strong component to this style of music. Each song has a different vibe, as you may hear a track with a funky drum beat, rocking guitar chords, or the bass playing catchy riffs. Although there are no vocals on "Feel This," it represents a style of fast forward motion with experimental sound effects. On the title track "Paper Freaks," listen to the distorted vocals and the novel way they have experimented with the different types of sounds while the guitar is playing a steady beat. DubSound Distortion has created an original and inventive production by collectively combining a mixture of genres, and making this album a collection of unique material. For listeners looking to hear something new and in the style of funky R&B with a touch of experimental music, "Paper Freaks" by DubSound Distortion should be given a listen.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Living Here" by J.P. Ranger (Rock Artist from Ontario, Canada)

Inspired by generations of power house rock and a touch of blues, J. P. Ranger's newest CD "Living Here" is a compilation of artistic style and flair. Vocals are strong with an attitude of sometimes edgy and emotional appeal. The harmonies are sung in a higher register and are perfectly blended as heard on "Mr. Singer" and "America." The relationship between the musicians of this group is noticeably well connected. "Burning Up" gives an example of this great musicianship with a powerful rock guitar solo and tight, solid drum beats. Ranger's lyrics throughout this album are written from the heart and sung with the same conviction. You'll notice a nice change of musical style with a touch of the Blues on the ballad "Blue Moon Dreamer." The entire CD possesses a high quality of production as each song is well balanced between vocals and instruments. If you like the musical styles of Bob Dylan or Eric Clapton you will want to listen to J. P. Ranger's CD "Living Here."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"What Am I Really" by Bill East (Adult Contemporary Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

"What Am I Really" is a new age folk rock album brought to you by the poetic Bill East. The lyrics are the backbone of Bill's music, as he pries into the mind and tickles the ears of listeners. The arrangements and overall style are very upbeat, with a subtle blending of genres that make up a single innovative sound. Listeners will get their money's worth with this collection as Bill brings out an amazing 29 tracks. Great care was taken in the production of this album as well. Every track is crisp and each instrument sounds clean. The female harmony is a great addition to the sound, which listeners will hear on most of the tracks. The simple, yet enjoyable "Is There Anything, Appearing Anywhere" and the hypnotic "Is There A Separate Independent I Or Me" are definite highlights. "Sometimes There's Pleasure Sometimes There's Pain" wraps the album up nicely with a message that really hits home. For listeners in the mood for some 60's folk with a new age alternative feel wrapped around it, "What Am I Really" by Bill East should be checked out.

-William and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"All Things In Time" by Dennis Day (Jazz Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

Vocalist Dennis Day puts a contemporary twist on many jazz classics and standards with "All Things In Time." He covers many styles within the jazz idiom including bebop, ballads, and the blues. Day is backed by a tremendously talented cast of musicians, providing both wonderful solos and support throughout. The album opens with a spirited rendition of Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol's "Caravan," which features scat singing from Day reminiscent of the great Al Jarreau. Day continues with a bouncy, swinging version of Horace Silver's classic "Sister Sadie," which is highlighted by great work from trombonist Wycliffe Gordon. "Everything Must Change" provides a gentler, tender moment, with a soulful Day singing over fine accompaniment from the pianist and flutist, with swirling brushes provided by the drummer. Another definite highlight is the "Blues Medley," which includes a grooving version of "Stormy Monday." Dennis Day covers many styles and presents a strong offering to the fan of jazz standards, blues, and bebop with "All Things In Time."

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"Come to the Manger" by Marnell (Spiritual Artist from Virginia(VA))

"Come to the Manger" a CD by gospel artist Marnell is a collection of classic Christmas music while also featuring three beautiful original holiday songs. The vocals are deep and rich, sweetly sung with such passionate qualities. You will also be delighted by beautiful orchestrations throughout the album as the vocals are complimented by a stunning elegance of grace and poise. "Ave Maria" is strong, powerful and delivered with spiritual energy of devotion. The harmonies on "Let There Be Peace on Earth" are sweet and tender which adorns the lead vocals that are heartfelt and emotional. Marnell has elegantly inspired refreshing originality to these timeless holiday pieces. If you're a fan of Josh Groban or Johnny Matthis you will not be disappointed when you hear these wonderful and divine Christmas classics.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"This Train Still Runs" by Marcus Dagan (Easy Listening Artist from Bermuda)

"This Train Still Runs" is an easy listening/contemporary album filled with some popular standards by Marcus Dagan. Dagan's vocal qualities are deep and rich, and emit strong yet emotional tonality. Remarkable musicians accompany lead vocals in a sophisticated, clean, and crisp style. Unwind to the lyrics of each song as you remember the good old days and the good days that are still to come. A nice, relaxing jazz feel with a bluesy muted horn is exceptional on the song "Booze Is Just An Excuse." Featured in the title track "It Was A Very Good Year/This Train Still Runs" is a great classical piano favorite that introduces this popular standard and a marvelous orchestration through the string section. "This Train Still Runs" is a superb album and well worth listening to, especially for fans of Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Congo's Angels" by Various (Pop Artist from Washington D.C.(DC))

Dedicated to provide global awareness of abusive conditions to women and children throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, "Congo's Angels" by Various is truly an inspiring compilation of women collaborating to send a message. "It's Not a Big Deal" gives a tang of country mixed with inspiring lyrics. Not only are there songs featuring various styles of music, but you will also hear beautiful, spiritual depth in poetry describing the hurt and harm that has been caused as heard in "For the Women of Change" and also "You Are Not Alone." Vocals, whether sung or spoken, are exceptionally stimulating and serene in the message they send. These women truly are "angels" to promote awareness of abuse to women and children with a median that everyone will be encouraged to be aware and get involved. "Congo's Angels" is a wonderful and inspirational collection sure to please fans of genres such as easy listening, alternative rock, country, world, and spoken word.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Dangernut" by Dangernut (Rock Artist from Connecticut(CT))

"Dangernut," a self-titled CD written and performed by Dangernut is a collection of upbeat alternative rock songs with a tasteful hint of classic rock. The lead vocals are strong and definitely have a rock and roll texture, and are nicely balanced by rich harmonies. The lyrics are relevant, effectively portraying everyday events in a person's life. Each song has a strong, powerful guitar sound and a tight rhythm section. "Monster" has a keyboard part reminiscent of the classic rock band The Doors. Nice energizing creativity in combining old style classic rock with Alternative Rock. The band shows versatility when they slow down the tempo to a nice pace in "A Candle for You." Although this band has only three members, they really put out a full sound in this aggressive, upbeat rock and roll CD. "Dangernut" is a remarkable alternative rock CD with an effective classic Rock and Roll influence.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I." by Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I (R&B Artist from Sweden)

"Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I." is an impressive self-titled release from the Swedish duo comprised of vocalist Paul Mac Innes and saxophonist/drummer Björn Almgren, also know as T.B.O.I. (The Brother Of Invention.) Their sound is a highly polished blend of rock, jazz, pop, soul, and R&B that is radio-ready. Just one listen to this album and you realize that the primary focus here is on creating well-written songs with lovely melodies and performed with a high degree of musicianship. The production is clean and professional throughout, with a pleasing lack of overproduction and tricky effects. "Welcome to The Bunker" is a strong opener, with a silky soul groove and vocal harmonies reminiscent of Steely Dan. The vocals are incredibly strong throughout, beautifully layered to produce the desired effect on each track. Listen to the superb harmonies on "Need" and "Time?!" for great examples of this. "Even Though" has a definitive gospel flavor, showcasing the group's versatility. The rhythm section is extremely strong on this entire album, with funky bass lines and in-the-pocket drum grooves throughout. "What You Do" features the melodic saxophone of Almgren along with his tasteful, inventive drumming. "Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I." is a creative collaboration between two very fine musicians, and the product they have produced is a very original and enjoyable form of soul music. Fans of Steely Dan and Sly & The Family Stone will want to check "Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I." out.

-Rodney and the Reviewer Team
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"The Birth of Tragedy (Remastered)" by Solomon Starr (Rap/Hip Hop Artist from New York City, New York (NY))

Solo artist Solomon Starr's latest album "The Birth of Tragedy (Remastered)" delivers an insightful musical approach using rap and spiritual styles. Starr is able to share his musical gift through his words of spiritual wisdom. His lyrics are insightful as he delves into his past and raps of troubled times and finding your way back through the Christian way. "Cosmic Struggle" has nice horn sounds that create a snake charmer effect. In the title track "The Birth of Tragedy," the sound of the violin is sad and sorrowful, as are the lyrics. The album displays energetic rap vocals with sincere projection and the accompanying instruments compliment the emotive lyrics. "The Birth of Tragedy (Remastered)" is an album that is sensitive to the younger generation that needs spiritual guidance by way of Hip-Hop beats and rhyming rap.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Parent Rapsody" by Charlie Appelstein (Kids Artist from New Hampshire(NH))

National prominent youth care specialist Charlie Appelstein has released his latest educational album entitled "Parent Rapsody." This album is a fresh and innovative avenue in guiding parents through the growing years of their young children. Since music is a form of communication, Appelstein has taken his words of guidance and translated them into rhythm and rhyme. His lyrics reinforce to parents to praise children, have patience, and give them a direction in life. The entire album is composed of different musical genres and each track is unique in the message it brings. "Kids Need Attention" kicks off with a drum beat, funky guitar chords, and a solid bass line. In a change of musical style, "Keep Things Neat" is a bouncy little tune with vocals sung in reggae style. "Parent Rapsody" is a musical approach to child rearing issues for parents and should definitely be given a listen.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Journeys of the Wolf" by Christine Campbell (World Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

"Journeys of the Wolf," Christine Campbell's recent album release, is a narrative calling inspired by a pair of wolves and is artistically devised through the avenues of vocals and instruments. Campbell's music is filled with narrative storytelling and gives life to the mystery of the wolf. Her vocals, whether sung or spoken, are spiritual and heartfelt, and glide ever so smoothly through her lyrical poetry. Feel the wind softly blowing past and the earthy sounds of instruments as the narrative vocal speaks gently on "Kahleneh (Light Wolf)." The strings on "Kalcheh (Wolf Eyes)" rise to a gentle crest which compliments the tender vocals peacefully singing a melodic phrase. "Journeys of the Wolf" is an album interlaced with stories and sounds of nature, which capture the message Campbell tells from her encounter with wolves. Listeners who are fans of Enya and soft, storytelling music will want to take a listen to "Journeys of the Wolf."

-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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"When Lights Are Low" by The Phoenix Jazz Project (Jazz Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

"When Lights Are Low," the latest album by The Phoenix Jazz Project, reaches well beyond its roots of jazz/big band styles. One may consider jazz to be one of the most technically challenging styles of music, but this group has cohesively crafted the art. The chemistry between the musicians is unbelievably tight and consistent. One such example of this bond is the sax quartet interpreting the harmonies through a series of voicings on "I Mean You." Listeners will hear outstanding vocals, as they are polished and demonstrate maturity while never faltering on these complex melodies. The piano gracefully glides across the ivories with a true jazz feel on "Oncallogy," while a smooth swing tempo is performed with soft brushes on the drums and a silky walking bass line. Fans of Count Basie, Cannonball Adderley, or modern big band sounds will really enjoy The Phoenix Jazz Project's refreshing jazz album "When Lights Are Low."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Alive" by Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project (Spiritual Artist from New Jersey(NJ))

All ages will be inspired when listening to the motivational album "Alive" by Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project. A wonderful vocalist, Silverstein proves her ability to sing with the grace and style of enthusiastic stimulation with the intonation of folk rock. The title track "Alive" is fresh and energetic in tempo, with nice harmonies complementing the lead vocals. Listeners will feel joy when hearing the spiritual lyrics on "Living At Peace" as they gently move the body and soul. "Unique Me" is a bouncy blues tune with colorful piano fills and spirited drum beats. The entire album is appealing as tempos gracefully shift from upbeat to a gentle ballad. "Alive" is filled with ideal, uplifting mood music, and fans of upbeat folk rock will definitely enjoy this album.
-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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"A Gift of Love" by Second Wind Bandits (Easy Listening Artist from Baltimore, Maryland(MD))

"A Gift of Love" by Second Wind Bandits is a roots rock album filled with inspiring and powerful songs. The arrangements are filled with great melodic layers and driving beats, while singer/songwriter Bill Mulroney delivers passionate lyrics with a distinctly superior singing ability. The production behind the album is top-notch. It is skillfully mixed and mastered with the vocals up front and well represented instrumentation behind. The Beatles influence shines through brightly on this CD. This is a professionally crafted group of songs ready for airplay. Highlights are the opener "Stockbridge Bound," setting the tone right from the start of the CD with a powerful arrangement and vocal performance to tell the tale of Moses. "Baby Let's Ride" features a more intimate arrangement highlighted by country based instruments and another captivating vocal performance. A dirty bass line coupled with vocals, opens "Hey Babe" to set up the burst into a powerful chorus. This album is a great collection of musical work. You will enjoy it if you long for solidly crafted folk rock with fantastic vocal performances.

Check out Second Wind Bandits's music on with link to purchase and links to popular sites

Friday, January 9, 2009

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