Saturday, July 31, 2010

"LIGHTS" by Chuck Eaton (Artist from New York City. NY)

Talented musician, Chuck Eaton, and his excellent album, "Lights," will engage the listener with his collection of delightful Contemporary songs. Eaton, who not only wrote these wonderful songs, shows just how talented he is by also performing all instrumentation throughout the CD. Feel the melodic grooves on, "Drenched With Rain," as the rhythm moves with a striding beat while the laid back vocals complements the charming lyrics. The title track, "Lights," will impress you with its tender vocals and are also splashed with sweet harmonies. The ballad, "What Can We Take From A Great Love," proves to be insightful as the reflective lyrics are accompanied by sweet guitar chords and a nice, well balanced synth horn riff. If you like to sit back and relax to easy listening music, then you will surely enjoy the beautiful compositions on the Contemporary album, "Lights."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Never More Me" by Father Mike Joly (Spiritual Artist from Virginia)

Father Mike Joly releases his beautiful debut Contemporary Spiritual/Christian album, "Never More Me." This splendid album is dedicated to enriching the listeners of the spiritual meanings of Christianity and Father Mike Joly does a spectacular job with his collection of songs. His vocals are not only warm and tender but as he sings each song the true sincerity of his voice chimes with genuine honesty. The opener/title track, "Never More Me," is quite a reflective song as the thought provoking lyrics are sung with deep and insightful tonality. Another song, "From the Inside Out," is overflowing with passionate lyrics and is interwoven with sweet and gentle instrumentation. The song, "He Will Carry Me," offers an uplifting and comforting melodic inspiration. The wonderful album, "Never More Me," is a divine and devout spiritual CD and one you will surely enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Vocalise" by Brian J. Nelson (Classical Artist from Madison, WI)

Discover the exquisite Classical/Chamber compositions on the superb album, "Vocalise - Instrumental and Vocal Music of Brian J. Nelson." As an inspired composer, Nelson has established reflective spiritual meditations throughout his CD with well produced vocals and instruments. The album starts with the song, "Vocalise for Solo Cello, Op. 1 (feat. Matthew Herren)," as one can sense the tender and heartfelt emotions that ring forth from the poignant cello as it plays a stirring melody. The choral composition, "Three Motets, Op. 7, No. I: Tears (feat. Melanie Melcher Cuthbertson, Amy Waldron, Paula Brekken, Leah Jenkins, Jay Van Blaricum, Jason Parr, Brady Shepherd, Benjamin Winters)," presents angelic voices that sing with divine tonality. The soothing piano caresses the emotive violin on, "Ballade for Violin and Piano, Op. 15 (feat. Ellen Bottorff, Tami Lee Hughes)," as this insightful song absorbs you into a calm and reserving mood. Let the beautiful works on the sweet and delicate album, "Vocalise - Instrumental and Vocal Music of Brian J. Nelson," relax your mind and body while soothing your soul.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 5, 2010

"Dream Angel" by Leandra Ramm (Pop Artist from New York City, NY)

The superb vocalist Leandra Ramm releases her fabulous debut single, "Dream Angel," that creatively intermingles the genres of Pop and Classical music. What happens when you take these genres and put them together with a magnificent singer? A song that is truly innovating and stylish. There are two versions of "Dream Angel" and both are equally impressive. Taking the musical composition from Bach's Prelude in C Major and writing an original vocal line gives inspiration to Ramm as she performs with a rich and exquisite vocal range. Her strong opera voice surges with a highly polishes style and grace. Now take this single as a remix and the end result is wonderful. You can hear the vibrant beats with electrifying pulses as Ramm takes her song and spins it into a terrific modern Pop version. If you're a fan of Pop and Classical music, then the single, "Dream Angel," will surprise and amaze you as Ramm proves to be a powerful vocalist in either style of music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Audrey's Plea" and "Gettysburg" by Lefty Blues Band (Blues Artist from Gainesville Jacksonville, FL)

Take a historical journey with the magnificent group, Lefty Blues Band, as they release 2 singles from their soon to be released album. These wonderful Folk songs are rootsy and melodic as each one tells a heartfelt story from the past. The acoustic song, "Audrey's Plea," is stunning as it conveys a message of the anti-war emotions of the northern states in the year 1863. The song is overflowing with candid lyrics portraying a mother who has lost so much and how she pleads with her only son to stay home. The soft and subtle guitar complements the vocals that are strong and sincere. The additional sound of the violin, performed by Lorna Greenwood, also invokes a solemn intonation. Another song dedicated to the war of yesteryear is, "Gettysburg." This song has excellent flavors of Folk/Blues tones as this group plays with a soulful style. Once again, the lyrics are impressive as they describe the stirring images of this war. The Lefty Blues band has composed brilliant singles that are not only insightful but gives the audience genuine music of outstanding Folk/Blues.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Here With You" by Annie Kozuch (Jazz Artist from New York City, NY)

The fabulous singer, Annie Kozuch, will delight you with her debut album, "Here With You," comprised of exquisite Jazz/Bossa Nova songs. Right from the first track Kozuch voice is heard with a smooth and silky style and a vibrant energy that shimmers throughout this entire CD. Her vocal talents also include singing not only in English but in Spanish and Portuguese as well. The outstanding musicians that lend their talents to this CD are tight and solid as they complement Kozuch stunning vocals. The jazzy feel on the song, "I Love Being Here With You," is first rate as the piano, bass, and drums cascade around the charming vocals. Another song, "Corcovado-Quiet Nights," is Bossa Nova at its best as the rhythmic beat dances to the melodic lyrics. The vibrant and fun song, "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me," has tight beats, entertaining lyrics, and vocals to match this upbeat song. The wonderful album, "Here With You," will surely please your palette for smooth Jazz/Bossa Nova music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Superman" by Kofi Black (R&B Artist from New York)

The extremely accomplished singer/songwriter Kofi Black releases another superb R&B single, "Superman." This irresistible song has all the moves and grooves as Black's voice rings with a smooth and soulful tonality. He definitely has a way with his silky voice as it swoons around the sultry lyrics. The music components are magnetic as the synth strings and drums drive the rhythmic beats. One can feel the easy flowing dance sensations as the body rocking beat sways with electrifying pulsation. This song is well balanced and well produced as the layers of vocals and instrumentation are superbly blended. Fans of R&B will be delighted by the outstanding talent that Kofi Black so deftly displays on his recent single, "Superman."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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