Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Fugue and Film" by Brian Wilbur (Classical Artist from District of Columbia Washington Metro)

The brilliant composer, Brian Wilbur Grundstrom and his spectacular CD, "Fugue and Film," will delight you with his exquisite Classical/Symphony compositions. The collection of songs on this album was written for the play, "Fugue Series," and each track is dynamically balanced with superb instrumentation. As scoring music is no small feat, Grundstrom lets his magnificent musical talents shine on this CD. You can feel the intensity of the music on the song, "Suspense (2 Minutes Later)," as the horns are bright and powerful while the strings adds a touch of mystery. Another song, "Fairy Tale (Sadie's Waltz)," highlights the string section that perform with sweet and graceful style. The harmonious sounds of the horns and strings give life to the song, "The Pride of the Maasai Mara." Listeners who appreciate compositions of Classical/Symphony music, will find the album, "Fugue and Film," highly

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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