Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"We'll Take Time" by Mike Matisa (Pop Artist from New Jersey)

Mike Matisa and his recently released single, "We'll Take Time," is a beautiful Pop love song that will seep gently into your soul. The lyrics are thought provoking as they lead you on a journey of the love of a lifetime. Matisa is a talented songwriter who sings his song with an air of sincere honesty and soulfulness. His charismatic voice will take on the passage of love that is truly everlasting. The multi-layered instruments harmoniously color the melodic melody with a magnetic dynamic balance. Fans of Pop love ballads will surely enjoy the single, "We'll Take Time" as it is a song of love that one hopes to find.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, April 19, 2010

"The God Who Sees Me" by Deb Capece (Spiritual Artist from Pennsylvania)

Singer/songwriter Deb Capece and her wonderful new album, "The God Who Sees Me," will take the listeners on a passage with thought provoking songs of Contemporary Christian music. Capece focuses her lyrics on the journeys of women in the church while her voice projects sweet and charming tonality. The warm and heartfelt lyrics on "He Watches," will lift your spirits and seep subtly into your mind and body. The easy flowing tempo on, "Mary," captures the expressive melody as Capece sings with polished style and grace. The intensity of Capece's voice is strong and vibrant on the song, "In His House," as one can feel how strongly she embraces her faith with open arms. The album, "The God Who Sees Me," is embedded with inspiring song of faith and is sure to please all fans of spiritual music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Waterwheel" by Aoeria (Hard Rock Artist from New Nork)

Aoeria and their album "Waterwheel" spin a collection of heavy, gritty, yet straightforward collection of Alternative Rock songs. The opener, "Apocrypha" begins with an exotic explosion of drums and guitars before mellowing down to follow a steady bass line with strong and solid vocals. "Wonder" is more of a relaxed song, at least at first, as it focuses on guitar riffs and reflective vocals before sonic excitement takes over. In "Imminent" we find enlivened drums and guitars keeping up a quick pace in a real rocker of a song. This album is one that harks back to the days when Alternative music was filled with fervent guitars and powerful drumming, while still having its own completely unique feel to it. Fans of Smashing Pumpkins material and similar music should check out Aoeria's "Waterwheel."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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"Hammer Meets Fire" by Victor Bravo (Punk Rock Artist from New York)

The revitalizing album, "Hammer Meets Fire," by Victor Bravo is pure energy and Rock/Punk attitude. This album serves up songs that are steeped with power chords and hypnotic melodies as the vocals dish out a bevy of gruff and tough attitude. Kicking off the CD, "Jagged Cross," hits you with vocals that are seething with attitude while a rush of guitar riffs reels you in. Another song, "The Door," is a charge of energetic beats as the vocals sings up a storm. The strong and tight power chords on "Spin Cycle" thrust you into a body rocking punk groove as it runs to a fast and furious tempo. Fans of Rock/Punk music will really enjoy the energy and edgy attitude of "Hammer Meets Fire," as it is filled with non stop music mayhem.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Vision Of Dreams" by UnS (Electronic Artist from Pennsylvania)

"Vision Of Dreams" is the newest album brought to us by UnS. It is an album of calm Electronic music that fuses Middle Eastern and Western sounds to create a relaxing collection of songs. For "Desert Rain" we hear a briskly calm beat as well as Middle Eastern musical tones combined with soothing chanting clips. "Just For You" is a more playful song with a kind of electronic funky beat with Arabic vocalization over it. "Africa" is a very calm piece in which African percussion is combined with Western style synth playing. UnS has given us a very eclectic mix of World musical influences and has put them to relatively relaxed electronic beats. If you enjoy World Music or simple Electronica, then sit back and relax to the music of "Vision Of Dreams" as it is an album well worth listening to.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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"The Place we're longing for" by Masha Stepina Trio (Jazz Artist from Japan)

The talented group, Masha Stepina Trio, and their terrific new album, "The Place We're Longing For," embrace the listener with mellow and mellifluous jazz pieces played on the piano, bass, and drums. "January" is a number in which the piano seems to affably dance in the air as the drums almost imperceptible hold a soft beat. "Belltower" is maybe the most energetic number as the piano frolics quickly along with a spirited rhythm section. For "Thin Tree" we find a very reserved and introspective song featuring the piano playing with an emotive voice of style and grace. This album is one that leans towards easy-listening, but is also an album for fans of diversified jazz piano music. If highly talented & contemplative jazz is something you appreciate, then "The Place We're Longing For" is an album that would be a great addition to your Jazz collection.

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