Saturday, June 26, 2010

"No Questions, Just Imagine" by Zack Rusk (Classical: Piano Solo Artist from New York City, NY)

The CD, "No Questions Just Imagine," composed and performed by Zach Rusk, is an album of stunning easy listening classical piano instrumentals. Rusk is an incredible pianist as he takes his audience to a place where one can relax to the soothing tranquility of his music. Each of his songs is filled with heartfelt emotions as you will hear throughout this entire album. The thought provoking song, "First Time," is crisp and clean as Rusk plays with a graceful and melodic style. "Your Waterfall" is dreamy and delicate as the melody sweeps you away to a place of sweet serenity. "Always Remember" is a song that has a strong and sincere ambiance and you can feel the emotions pouring out from Rusk as he plays with intense precision. "No Questions Just Imagine," is a delightful album of beautiful piano instrumentals and one you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Me Esta Gustando/ I'm Liking It" by FIESTA Orchestra (Latin Artist from Miami, FL)

The fabulous album, "Me Esta Gustando / I'm Liking It," by the outstanding group Fiesta Orchestra, is sheer Salsa entertainment. This album is overflowing with superb songs of vibrant and energetic beats and lyrics sung in both Spanish and English. Right from the first track, "Siempre Así" you will feel the hue of energy from the bright and brilliant horn riffs, percussive drums, and strong and solid vocals. The rendition of the classic standard, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," is spectacular as the syncopated rhythm gives a pulsating beat to the splendid vocals. The song, "Street Life (vocal version)," is sharp flowing with the intense precision of the instruments as they swirl around the melodic vocals. If you're a fan of Salsa music, then you won't want to miss the chance to listen to the excellent and well performed songs on the CD, "Me Esta Gustando / I'm Liking It."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Eternal Life" by Solomon Starr (Rap Artist from California)

Christian Rap artist, Solomon Starr, and his excellent 2nd released album, "Eternal Life," is dedicated to spreading the spiritual faith through his inspired Hip-Hop/Rap collection of songs. Starr is genuine about his faith and one can hear his sincerity as he rhymes with a vision of free flowing lyrical wordplay. The title track, "Eternal Life," paints a picture of the battles of life and the fight to reach the heavens above. The soulful song, "Author of Life," is sweet and delicate as the wonderful melody provides an ambiance of reflection. Feel the inspirational message on, "Power to Fight," as the synth sounds and percussive beats swirl around the intense wordplay. If you're a Christian and like the sounds of Hip-Hop/Rap music, then you will want to hear the insightful songs on the CD, "Eternal Life."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Fading Flowers" by Zach Jones (Pop Artist from Maine Southern Portland)

"Fading Flowers" is the superb debut solo album by Zach Jones and offers generous helpings of Pop/Rock music. Jones is the type of vocalist that sings straight from the heart as his voice has a sincere quality with an expressive range. The song, "It Depends On You," has a bouncy beat with a melody that catches you attention as Jones sings with a strong and solid tonality. The irresistible song, "3,000 Miles," is vibrant and energetic with driving beats and catchy lyrics. Showing his versatility with musical styles, Jones takes the tempo down a notch on the ballad, "Sweet Insomnia," as this soulful tune lets the listener embrace his life tribulations. The charismatic tunes on, "Fading Flowers" will surely be enjoyed by all fans of Pop/Rock music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Got Mambo?" by Tito Puente, Jr. (Latin Artist from New York City, NY)

Put on your dancing shoes because the newest album by TITO PUENTE JR Y SU ORQUESTRA titled "GOT MAMBO?" will have you moving in no time to the vibrant beats. This album is brimming with vitality as Puente pulls all the right stops with his delectable tunes of Mambo style. The music is magnetic as each song has pulsating energy that will dazzle you with its bright instrumentation and amazing vocals. The energy on, "AGUA LIMPIA TODO," is overflowing as the vivacious horn section complements the charismatic vocals. Let the syncopated beats take you away on, "JR'S MAMBO," as the instruments are well balanced and richly textured. The song, "BRISA AZUL," is a jazzy number that shimmers with layers of horns and percussion. If you're a fan of big band music with Latin flair, then "GOT MAMBO?" is a must have addition to your collection of music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Goin' California" by Ken Macy (Rock Artist from Massachusetts)

The talented singer/songwriter Ken Macy releases a terrific album titled, "Goin' California." This CD has a lot to offer as the music is a mix of easy listening Rock, a little Country, and acoustic Blues. The opener/title cut, "Goin' California," is well blended as the guitar dishes out some sweet guitar riffs while the vocals capture the charming melodic lyrics. You'll like the song, "Country Cow Blues," as this acoustic tune is quite rootsy with a soulful guitar solo and bluesy vocals. Taking an edgier Rock tonality, "Too Much Changing," has great harmonies and impresses as Macy shows his versatility as a musician. If you're looking for an album that offers a nice blend of music, then you will really enjoy the collection of songs on, "Goin' California."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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