Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"As the White Crane Flies" by 12000 Miles (Electronic Artist from The United Kingdom)

"As the White Crane Flies" by 12000 Miles (UK/NZ electronica artist collaboration) Intriguing the listener with experimental Electronica, 12000 Miles releases their debut album, titled "As the White Crane Flies." The musical pair began this collaboration, as their group name suggests, miles apart sharing their works of MIDI files through the internet. The end result is an outstanding and brilliant collection of free forming works utilizing the highly talented forte of Lain Dixon Iain as flute player. Opening up the disc is "Alphabet Hunt (from A)," which delivers a driving industrial tonality, while the smooth and interesting flute surprises the listener with instrumental interplay. Strong and powerful synth hits and generous percussive beats bring together the absorbing energy "Endangered Species" offers up. "V Formation" shows a slightly softer side of the album, with the flute being soothing and melodic with a light and airy quality. If you like multi-layered experimental music with first-rate production that is flavored with the dynamics of the flute, then 12000 Miles's "As the White Crane Flies" will be one album you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Movement" by Earthsound (Jazz Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

Primarily a traditional, straight-up jazz outfit, the multi-cultural Earthsound ensemble combine Duke Ellington's rich sense of melody and Charles Mingus' sophisticated exploration on their accomplished debut jazz and fusion CD, "Movement." Citing such influences as Ellington, Jobim, and Paul Winter, the quartet's (piano, bass, flute, and percussion) border-less compositions range from piano-led meditations that recall Bill Evans to flute-dominated improvisations reminiscent of masters like Yusef Lateef and Herbie Mann. Leader and bassist, Jason Davis, much like fellow bass-playing bandleader Mingus, works in tandem with his Peruvian percussionist, Jorge Perez-Albela, to provide the perfect framework for Brazilian flautist, Fernando Brandão's flights of gravity-defying lyricism, even as pianist, Nando Michelin of Uruguay, fills the middle with chords as rich as they are light and dexterous. And like Mingus' groundbreaking opus, "Cumbia & Jazz Fusion," with its replication of nature sounds, Davis ably employs real nature samples less as affect than as an organic supplementation of the band's interplay. "Movement," Earthsound's excellent debut CD, is a terrific introduction for a jazz combo of real talent and vision.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Change Up" by Lefty Blues Band (Blues/Country Artist from Florida (FL))

Lefty Blues Band, a Florida-based outfit steeped in R&B and roots-based Americana, conjures less the Sunshine State than dark swamplands and backwoods roadhouses on their fine debut album, "Change Up." Led by brothers John & Greg Bell, this 6-piece band is as equally adept with a deep South blues ("All For You") as a George Jones-inspired ballad ("Slow Love Song"), but for the most part carves out a classic rock sound that hovers between John Hiatt & Dire Straits; that is, displaying the former's all-inclusive grasp of Americana, while reflecting the latter's ability to fashion something completely new from tried and true forms. Highlights include the above mentioned "All For You," with its atmospheric Hammond organ and Gospel-like female chorus, as well as the moving "The Rush," a perfect hybrid of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger piano balladry. But in truth, there are no weak songs among these 10 original performances. Lefty Blues Band's new release "Change Up" is a terrific representation of Americana rock that embraces its roots, and fans of Leonard Cohen and Mark Knopfler will definitely enjoy it.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Green Evolution" by Sudama Mark Kennedy (Pop/Rock Artist from California (CA))

Opening Sudama Mark Kennedy's new CD, titled "Green Evolution," is a relaxed, Brazilian-style slice of vocal jazz, "Your Heart Just Knows," serving notice that his Adult Contemporary-oriented and deeply spiritual music is as eclectic as it is accomplished. A guitarist and multi-instrumentalist as tasteful as he is skilled, Kennedy's laid-back style works to perfection whether exploring Indian melodies ("Mystical Envelopment"), mining James Taylor-like easy listening ("Hum Alla Allelujah"), or even creating improvised, ambient New Age soundscapes ("Healing Zither"). A soothing and tuneful singer himself, Kennedy's inventive use of female vocals to counter melodies, or flesh out the harmonics of otherwise spare arrangements, adds yet another dimension to this album's California polish. With a back story as intriguing as his rich, spiritually-based music, Sudama Mark Kennedy's excellent "Green Evolution" is sure to satisfy on many levels.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 20, 2009

"The Jungle or the Stars" by Ballistic Edna (Rock Artist from Illinois(IL))

Returning with "The Jungle or the Stars," an 11-song collection of smart and catchy, guitar-driven alternative pop/rock, the Chicago-based quartet, Ballistic Edna, delivers another CD that succeeds as both a follow-up and as a stand-alone album. "What Was That" opens the album with a power-chord manifesto that features a big, Bangles-like chorus as their two female singers blend voices with an ease that's extremely precise. Also recalling The Bangles, "Hallowed Ground" is a terrific rocker with a dead-on hook, while "Woman" thunders like a long-lost Heart out-take. Elsewhere, "Soulseeker" finds the band playing with Middle Eastern modalities without losing their fundamental rock ethos; experimentation not unlike the early-period of the group REM. Album closer, "Camera" in fact, takes the experimentation a step further, as the band explores an ambient mood that perhaps, suggests a new direction for the band. Kick back and enjoy their new CD, "The Jungle or the Stars" for straight-up, uncomplicated – Heartland-style Rock, as Ballistic Edna delivers the goods.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Skeptical Optimism" by Rick Wicker (Country Artist from Colorado(CO))

Rick Wicker's bio tells the story of a veteran singer-songwriter who refuses to give up on his passion for music; a sense of purpose that has formed his entire life. Not surprisingly, the title of his CD, "Skeptical Optimism," reflects a wary caution that just may relate to where his music is intended or is hoped, to take him, knowing all the while that what really matters is the journey itself. And this particular journey is by no means unrewarding. Recording at home, Wicker, a gifted guitarist and a singer/songwriter of considerable skill, delivers country-rock reminiscent of Loggins & Messina as heard on "Hurrien Nowhere" or Pure Prairie League heard on "Youniverse," and stretches out on a hook-laden rocker with muscular guitar proficiency on "Hell's Gate." The last of the 4 tracks, "Space Age Kids" blends Byrds-like folk-rock and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young harmonies to perfection, investing the song with the kind of classic but timeless, urgency that continues to make rock and its variant styles both satisfying and vital. Above all, Rick Wicker's "Skeptical Optimism" is an original and compelling work that recalls '70's country-rock influences without copying them and it's an excellent 4-song release that deserves no less than out and out optimism.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Love Revue" by Love Revue (Pop Artist from United Kingdom)

Smart and catchy pop/rock with decidedly Power Pop leanings is the order of the day on the very fine new self-titled CD from Love Revue. Boasting a post-Beatles-inspired sense of melody and pop precision, Love Revue's irresistible hooks have an altogether classic feel despite the contemporary production values that make this 11-song collection a natural for multiple radio formats. CD opener, "Cooking for One," a low-key gem built on a piano and acoustic guitar backing, sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the disc as it recalls the charms of Badfinger at that classic band's best. "Looking for the One" and "Soothe My Soul" more than ably demonstrate Love Revue's rocking side, while "Strip Me" and "Release" is love ballads of the first order. With the triumphant song "Get Along," Love Revue really proves its mettle with a spirited ELO-influenced creation tailor-made for summer radio and summer fun. Love Revue's CD impresses as an album that succeeds on its own merits: a collection of pure pop songs that will sound as good on the car radio as they will at home.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Hip-Hop Rebirth" by J-double-R (Rap Artist from Ontario, Canada)

The solo debut album by J-double-R, "Hip-Hop Rebirth," is one collection of genuine hip-hop tunes that exudes intelligence and current-day relevance. Powerful beats fused with poetic, politically potent lyrics provides a perfect platform for J-double-R's pure talent to manifest itself. Opening with the gripping title track, listeners are immediately introduced to J-double-R's raw and hard-hitting rap style. "Changes (feat. kissroyale)" is a lovely collaboration focusing on the remarkable change and progression symbolized by the election of Obama as president, and displays unforgettable musical hooks. The slower-paced tune dubbed "Inner Thoughts" stands out as an exceptionally well-written and representative of J-double-R's sheer creative intelligence. Topped off with seasoned production, fans of honest, genuine, and prudent hip-hop will thoroughly enjoy this CD.

-Xavier and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, July 13, 2009

"Six Songs" by Orange Democracy (Folk Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

"Six Songs" the aptly titled debut release by Orange Democracy, is in fact, exactly that: a 6-song CD but it really is far, far more. With an experimental, if not avant garde, approach to compositions and arrangements that, by turns, incorporate influences ranging from jazz, to classical, to choral music and more. This NY-based quartet's album is a virtual tapestry of its component parts. Classically trained pianist Cyrus von Hochstetter's nimble and inventive chording sets the pace with tuneful and complex jazz/easy listening pieces, upon which the evocative sax of Samir Zarif, and the jazz phrasing of guitarist Ted Boasso, add unpredictable but tasteful embellishment. Carla Jablonski, a seasoned and multi-dimensional vocalist, adds a second voice in spots, maintaining the same standards of musical exploration in harmonies that add yet another, almost grounding aspect to the richly diverse set of songs. "Bitter Rain," with its melancholy sax and worthy harmonies, is a particular highlight, but the subversive "High Heels To Hell" and melancholy "In Remembrance" is no less compelling. The excellent CD, "Six Songs" entails proficient musicality and collectively displays a uniquely sophisticated mix of modernistic songs.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Old Man Dreamin'" by John Batdorf (Soft Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

No stranger to the music scene, John Batdorf has served up another outstanding CD, titled "Old Man Dreamin'," with all the power and punch this artist has to offer. Batdorf uses his vocals, which are strong and possess a soothing quality, to create generous helpings of folk/rock music while he also laces this disc with his sweet acoustic guitar flair. This mixture of eleven songs is packed with energy and catchy lyrics, as you will hear on "What D'Ya Got" and "That Don't Seem Right To Me." The wonderful soft rock ballad, "Will I Love You Forever," tugs at the heartstrings with its memorable lyrics and emotive vocals. The title track "Old Man Dreamin'" is an edgier rock song with country style and has a nice dynamic balance between vocals and instruments. Expressive lyrics, acoustic guitar, and a catchy bass line fuels the fire on "Ain't No Way" with its country tonality and moving beat. Fans of the group Eagles will want to tune in to "Old Man Dreamin'" by John Batdorf, as it is fused with well-written gems of folk/country style.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"One Last Look" by The Buffalo Blues Band (Blues Artist from California(CA))

Buffalo Blues Band's seven-track debut disc, "One Last Look," will lasso listeners in with some tasty bluesy treats. The first spin on this album and also the title track, "One Last Look," brings out the deep and soulful harmonica with absorbing blues riffs. The deep-rooted vocals on "Conoco Saloon Blues" brings together the rhythmic beats of the solid bass and guitar. Taking to the softer side of the album, "Feels Like Rain," strikes a chord of a different note as the charming vocals will sweep you away while the guitar gently plays a sweet accompaniment. The chemistry within the band is clearly heard in "Killin' Floor," as each instrument is strikingly dominant in their rock solid fills and pure intensity to the bouncy beat. Not only will you feel the high amount of energy this group conducts but you will be moved by the tonality of their musicianship. If you're a blues fan, you won't want to miss hearing a beat on the excellent and vibrant new album "One Last Look" by Buffalo Blues Band.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Wave It In" by Red Directors (Pop Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

If you like pop/rock with bigger-than-life hooks and sing-along choruses that stick with you long after the last note has drifted off into the night then, Red Directors, delivers the goods on their latest CD, "Wave It In," a ten song collection of highly polished power pop gems. "After Sunday" kicks things off with its infectious, era-spanning sense of melody and drive. It's only one of several highlights though. "Been Around" and "Pretty Good Odds" demonstrate the band's ballads are no less formidable than their best rockers, despite such defining up tempo performances as "Naked in the Kitchen" and "Woken Eye." Elsewhere, they more than ably show they can cover that middle ground between rocker and ballad too, offering up the terrific "Spin" and the endearing "Amazing," each with the same post-Beatles flourish that infuses the entire CD. With such a solid multi-format, pop/rock approach to their sound the "Wave It In" CD by Red Directors is sure to please across generation lines, a tribute to their talent as well as their influences.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Featured Single

CAGLE & NASH: Soul CompleteBand Name: Cagle & Nash
Featured Single: Pick Up the Phone
Album: Soul Complete
Genre: Smooth Jazz


Monday, July 6, 2009

"Lempi" by Tunto (Jazz Artist from Finland)

Mixing jazz and world-infused explorations of melody and harmony with beats and soundscapes from the electronica school, Tunto's "Lempi" CD is a boldly inventive map into a musical world without borders. With titles that signify many moods such as, "Caressing Music," "Itch Music," or "Yearning Music," Tunto aspires to reveal his imagination is more than up to the task of translating and transposing, raw emotion into music form, a subjective aesthetic that demands no small amount of receptivity and reciprocation from his listeners. Tunto pulls it off quite effectively and this has much to do with the range of textures, vocals and instrumentals, he throws into the mix as well as the musical symbolism his melodies conjure. Tunto's provocative third CD, "Lempi," is an informed rendering of a brave new world of music's breadth and elasticity; an album for jazz, world music, and experimental electronica enthusiasts.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Oceans & Islands" by Dave Spinner (Jazz Artist from New York(NY))

Whether it is a lush contemporary jazz setting or a vocal tune that could've come right out of the classic Brazilian songbook, Dave Spinner takes the listener on an eye-opening trip through various jazz forms on his fine debut CD, "Oceans & Islands." Whatever the style, Spinner proves he's more than adept at navigating jazz' many tributaries on this 7-track collection. Beginning with "Bouncin'," Spinner kicks things off with a radio-ready R&B influenced contemporary jazz tune, followed by "Dinji", a sun-drenched take on Brazilian vocal jazz. But before the album gets too laid-back, Spinner shifts gears with "Lobster Montuno," a spirited and rhythmically complex Latin jazz jam, featuring a Caribbean horn arrangement as authentic as it is assured. Elsewhere, Spinner's keyboard mastery comes to the forefront with exploring and dynamic solos that breathe new life into the traditional piano-trio style "Sweet & Lovely," or raises the roof, as on the swinging Hammond organ workout, "In Your Pocket." Whatever the style, Dave Spinner's excellent CD, "Oceans & Islands" is an exemplary showcase of jazz vocabulary from a bandleader as musically insightful as he is astute.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Friday, July 3, 2009

"Hip Hop & RnB Beats V" by Smooth4Lyfe (Hip Hop Artist from Maryland(MD))

Releasing his fifth edition CD, titled "Hip Hop & RnB Beats V," Smooth4Lyfe lights up the music scene once again with striking instrumentals ranging from club beats to slow grooves. Joey Ofori is the talented artist behind Smooth4Lyfe and has the ability to bring together old-school-meets-today's sounds, which is not only inspiring, but the relationship he creates is a smooth texture that all listeners can appreciate. Ofori does this with various styles and tempos which clearly creates ideal mood music and also offers up endless possibilities using the tracks as other musical outlets. This fourteen-track album leads off with a bright and crisp synth brass section on "Hip Hop 72 Inst. (Hey Hater Man)." Not only is this album filled with great Hip Hop but listeners will get a clever touch of Ireland on "Hip Hop 76 Inst. (Irish Hood Hop) with a profound fiddle, stunning accompanying strings, and driving drum beats. Let the soft and silky beats of "Dreams" put the spin on the laid-back ambiance that this song finely demonstrates. The fantastic collection of music on Smooth4Lyfe's "Hip Hop & RnB Beats V" will not only make great background tracks for artists and their various projects, but will also be great as a stand alone album to kick back and jam to.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"8 or 80" by Sierra Hurtt (Rock Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

Songwriter/vocalist Sierra Hurtt's debut album, "8 or 80," is comprised of crisp and refreshing contemporary pop/rock while highly flavorful with folk attitude. Hurtt, who is no stranger to the music scene, charts her own course into the music industry with a voice that is strong and emotive, and emits qualities of deep, rooted, soulful distinctions. Peaceful and serene comes to mind when hearing "Solace," with the soothing acoustic guitar and the tranquility in Hurtt's voice. Laid-back and full of solid vibes, "Rooftops" is embedded with expressive rock guitar riffs that swarm around the sultry vocals that Hurtt generously delivers. A beautiful blend of tingling vocals and thoughtful lyrics meld together with the sweet guitar licks on the gem, "Circles." Don't miss a chance to hear this wonderful album, "8 or 80," especially if you're a fan of Joni Mitchell or Carole King, because with Sierra Hurtt at the helm, you're in for a fantastic ride.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"True Reflection of Love" by E.D. Smooth (Reggae Artist from Jamaica)

Chocked full of smooth energy, E.D.Smooth hits the music scene with another vibrant and pulsating Reggae album, "True Reflection of Love." Smooth's vocals are solid and radiate with an easy flowing style, which complement his impressive lyrics that are flooded with his life's experiences. An infectious opener, "This Is Your Moment" is quite effervescent with lively percussive beats, but what catches the ear is the charming lyrics dedicated to a birthday celebration. "All Night" brings out an easy groove as the soft and silky harmonies float over the relaxed and polished vocals. The syncopated rhythms swirl around Smooth's vocals on "Call And Talk To Me," while his lyrics are expressive and ring true to the heart. "I Like It" is well-crafted and interesting with its percussive tones and smooth melody. You won't want to miss listening to the slick vocals of E.D. Smooth and his latest album, "True Reflection of Love," filled with distinctive treasures of charming and stylish Reggae compilations.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Paypa Workz" by Paypa Boy (Hip-Hop Artist from Virginia(VA))

"Paypa Workz" by Paypa Boy is a high-energy, head-bobbing Hip-Hop/Rap collection fit for the mainstream audience. Distinguished by gripping musical hooks, chest-throbbing bass lines, and catchy lyricism, this CD displays musical skill and production found among the industry's most seasoned players. "Got Work" kicks this record off with the mesmerizing instrumentation and rhymes that define every song. "Paypa Boy" emanates a more relaxed vibe and tempo, while introducing a fitting female-led chorus. Moreover, "Cold Out Here" adopts a theme of street-life, set to the backdrop of a groovy and unforgettable lead melody. All in all, "Paypa Workz" displays musical creativity, highly refined lyricism, and profession production that will compel any fan of hard-hitting Hip-Hop/Rap to select the stereo's "repeat" option.

-Xavier and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Full Circle" by Et2Brute (Rock Artist from New Jersey(NJ))

"Full Circle," by Et2Brute and the Conspiracy is an uncommonly diverse assembly of political pop/progressive rock songs. Touching on subjects such as the JFK assassination and the current Iraq War, this CD flaunts a different quality of lyrical relevance. Highlights include "Feeling Sorry for the People Who Grew Up in the 80's," which is led by an attractive acoustic guitar progression and introduces a lovely female vocalist. Taking on a lighter tone, the upbeat "This War (Obamarama)" flaunts some poetic and witty commentary on the Iraq War, proclaiming that "if Bush had to fight, this war would be over...." Moreover, "People Don't Like People Like You" assumes delightful blues flair, boasting ear-catching piano and sax solos. Fans of progressive rock and blues will enjoy this highly diverse and politically-charged collection.

-Xavier and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Never Said Good Bye" by Robert R. Patterson (Folk/Blues Artist from Illinois(IL))

Robert R. Patterson's second CD, "Never Said Good Bye" finds the guitarist / singer-songwriter furthering an exploration of his unique songcraft in ways as original and inventive as they are satisfying. A virtuoso on guitar, Patterson turns his acoustic and electric guitars loose over 12 songs that delve into classical, folk, and blues influences which, nevertheless, blend seamlessly into a whole of potent musicality. Where the song "Five Dollar Mohawk" is a blues-rock workout with slashing slide licks, the hauntingly beautiful "Smile Little One" features acoustic picking as delicate as it is pristine. "Little Spanish Evening," an acoustic solo instrumental, is a veritable wordless lullaby, while the CD opener and titled track, "Never Said Good Bye" is an oddly effective composition that's both exotic and eccentric. Much of the album finds Patterson in elemental mode, his lone guitar and rich voice breathing life into songs of loss and redemption, but on the ballad, "Life," a deep and sonorous cello accompaniment raises the performance to solemnity. As second releases go, Robert R Patterson's "Never Said Good Bye" CD is a fine sophomore album, building on the echoes of his first, while pointing forward with his evolving potential.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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"Mark on the Stage" by Graham Gorrie (Rock Artist from Australia)

Graham Gorrie refuses to be bound by convention or stylistic constraints on his fine debut CD, "Mark on the Stage," instead carving out a rock 'n' roll path that emphasizes smart songcraft . Like his brilliant fellow Aussie singer-songwriter, Paul Kelly, Gorrie's originality is borne out over 13 rock / folk-rock songs that are as meaningful as they are satisfying. Songs like CD-opener, "Closing My Eyes," with its alternating guitar and harmonica fills or "Hard to Do," with its effective female-lead interpolations, each display a deft touch for finding the right textural context for the composition at hand. On "Red Wine Dreams" Gorrie offers up a rare jazz-like ambience while the socially-conscious "Resistance," with its engaging melody, calls to mind yet another Australian act, the great Midnight Oil. Throughout the album, though, Gorrie's songs resonate with conviction and true-believer passion, making "Mark on the Stage" not only a particularly noteworthy debut CD, but one that will likely be a jumping-off point for an artist of considerable talent.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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