Monday, June 29, 2009

"Mosaic" by SpiceHouse (Rock Artist from New York(NY))

SpiceHouse's latest album, "Mosaic," a 20 song 2-CD set of multi-textured tunes ranging from folk-like rock to jazz to trip hop to ethereal soundscapes is, nevertheless, as accessible and tuneful as it is unique. Like similarly adventurous, genre-bending performers (if not as expansive), Over the Rhine or Shivaree, female lead singer, C.R. Keyser-Posner teams with Rick Eppedio on this sonic check-off of contemporary sounds with often riveting results. The CD opener, "Ties That Bind," grips with an understated melody – not unlike one of Annie Lennox's smarter tunes, and is followed by the freakbeat like "Surreal No. 9" (which, on Disc 2, is given a more exploratory, "extended jam" treatment - as are a couple other tracks); "Bleecker Street" has an unhurried and engaging straight-up jazz vibe, while title song, "Mosaic" uses world rhythms to build tension to a chorus release that's both tempered and sublime. Versatile and evocative as its title suggests, SpiceHouse's "Mosaic" CD is a well-conceived and equally well-delivered, mix of pop and electronic styles that's a fine addition to their catalog, and one that is sure to satisfy their fan base and discerning listeners just discovering this terrific outfit.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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