Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Extinct Is Forever" by Cody & Bj Productions (Kids Artist from Virginia(VA))

Entertaining and educational, "Extinct Is Forever," by the talented Cody & Bj Productions, is comprised of catchy lyrics and beats with pop style. What better way to teach young children about saving wildlife and rainforests than using the gift of music. Hear the sounds of the wild on "Enter the Rainforest/Song of the Rainforest" with the soft and gentle voice of poetry. There will be a smile and happy feeling when you hear "Beautiful Macaw" as it gently moves with tropical flair. Kids won't be able to keep from singing to "Let's Be Friends With The Animals" with its sing-along style and bouncy beats. Sincere and heartfelt lyrics shine on "Imagine" as the vocals gracefully flow over the tender melody. "Extinct Is Forever," is just the right album to promote awareness of the rainforests and saving wild animals to families/young children through these enlightening and charming songs.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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